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27 Sep

Advertising on Facebook

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 27.09.16

Social networking is the rage. You see everyone on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin, How much advertising do you want to do on social networks? I guess the question should be what you hope to do with the social advertising. Do you want to simply network with like minded contacts or actually promote your virtual company and or services?

My thoughts are this: Facebook and the like are great for friendly conversations and posting comments but if you are a smaller company, you may want to hold off on encouraging your business prospects to join you and your 500 other friends on the social side of network such as Facebook. Pick places such as Plaxo or Linkedin for the business side and save Facebook for your friends and family. Nothing would be worse than a disgruntled customer venting on your Facebook page. Nor would you want business prospects to know personal information about your family and that you are so successful that you take 4 vacations a year.

Leave the networking for the business sites!

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