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08 Aug

Balancing life while working from home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions, Work at home opportunities on 08.08.12

There are many pluses and minuses in working from home. Learning to balance both work and family can be quite a challenge. Not everyone is suited to work from home. Working from your home office requires dedication, time management skills and a true desire to be successful working from the comfort of your home office.

It can be tough to maintain a working schedule when the neighbor drops by to talk about the latest gossip in your neighborhood or your mother in law calls to talk about the upcoming family wedding and insists you can drop what you are doing since you don’t have a “real job”.

The best advice I can give is when starting your work from home career, set up business hours. Keep them flexible in the event an emergency comes up but for the most part, attempt to stick to a strict working schedule. Families and friends adapt well to working rules but will tend to slack off if they see that you put work as secondary instead of a primary for your life.


If you need help in managing your time and balancing family with work-check out Melissa’s book- Your Virtual Home Office Can be a Reality!

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