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10 Apr

Balancing life with Work from home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions on 10.04.13

Working from Home is great but full of challenges. When I first started working from home, I found that outsiders (family, friends, and school officials) did not believe that I had a real job and would continually call me to chit chat, ask for favors or assume I could volunteer more “since I did not work”.

Plan ahead for your work from home career by setting boundaries. Here are tips that helped me:

  1. Set business hours. The business hours are not only for outsiders but also for my benefit as well. Knowing I am in the office from 8-5 will help me plan my day and week for conference calls and planned work sessions.
  2. Set break schedules. If you have small children at home and are trying to work with them, setting up scheduled break time is the only way to work. When my children were small and at home with me, I would set up activities for them in 30 minute increments and then check on them to ensure all was well. As they get older and require less supervision, breaks were not needed as often.
  3. Be flexible. Being flexible is what working from home is all about. Be prepared to modify hours for personal appointments, business appointments, family and work.


Enjoy your work from home career. I have worked from home for 20 years and cannot imagine work/life any other way. If you need help with time management-check us out on the web:

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