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10 Oct

Can you be successful working from home?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 10.10.13

This is a true question that people ask. Can I really earn a living from home or is it kind of like a hobby? I have been working from home for 20 years. I always knew I wanted to work from home. I had my infant daughter in daycare when she was small and I absolutely hated it. I never knew if her needs were met and decided when my son was born, I would do whatever it took to stay home and earn a living.

Being successful is your definition. In the beginning of my career  since my children were small, I operated a state and city licensed home daycare. I had to take classes, be certified and fulfill nutritional guidelines. It was a true home business and was very successful. My definition of success at the start of my work from home career was to stay at home and raise my children as well as contribute to the household income and by this definition, I was truly a success.

My career changed as my family grew and my interests blossomed. The answer to the question is –Yes!

If you have the desire, ambition and drive needed to seek the work from career that is right for you, you will be a true success story!

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