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25 Jan

Cold Weather and Cold Calling

Posted in Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 25.01.12

With cold temperatures and treacherous roads, cold calling could be a viable career option for you.    In rough weather, working from home becomes more inviting, but there are so many options and choices.    It is imperative that you look at your current skill set and determine which career options best match your skill set.   One skill set and frequent work-at-home position involves cold calling and telemarketing.

Cold calling involves reaching out via phone to your client’s prospects – also known as telemarketing.      There are many cold calling companies that work for a variety of clients that choose to outsource a portion of their sales efforts.   There are also many employers (both large and small) that are seeking virtual employees to perform this valuable sales task.

Chapter 7 of my book specifically describes how to review work at home opportunities to determine if they are a legitimate opportunity or just another scam – which is also prevalent in the work at home industry.   Order your copy today!

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