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29 Jan

Common Work at Home Scams

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 29.01.16

The Internet can be a great tool for researching and locating work at home job opportunities; but it can also serve a venue for con artists and scammers to find their prey.    Be careful with any work at home “job” and exercise great caution in reviewing those opportunities.

If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it generally is. Always check out business through organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and never ever pay anyone money for a job. When I first started my search for work from home, I purchase a book of companies that would hire people to work from home. The cost was $50.00. To me, this was a small investment to find the perfect job. The book did not help me. 95% of the companies listed in the book did not hire work from home workers and really was a waste of my time. The book did help me fully prepare for my work from home journey.

It took months of searching, putting in applications and reading chat boards for me to find what I was looking for in a work from home career but so well worth it.

Don’t let the scammers burst your balloon!

Check out the resources in Melissa’s Book chapter 8- Your Virtual Home Office Can be a Reality! to help with your journey!


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