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21 Dec

Coping with kids from the home office

Posted in Everything Else, Minimizing Distractions on 21.12.10

As school lets out for the Christmas break, many work-at-home parents are struggling with how to keep their kids pre-occupied while they work from the home office.    Now that my daughter is older (age 13), she requires very little of my time and does not affect my home office operations much.   However, when she was younger (in pre-school or early elementary school), keeping her busy while I was working was quite a task. 

Here are few quick tips for occupying young children during that holiday vacation:

  • Remember that this is their holiday – their break from routine.    Scheduling several interactive and engaging activities during the holiday break will provide much needed “together time” and lifelong memories.
  • Depending on your situation, your work is still a priority.   You still need to accomplish specific tasks during their break. 

Work with your family and children to create a balance between vacation and work.   Chapter 14 offers an array of tips for working with families.

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