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08 Nov

Daily planning

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 08.11.12

Daily planning is essential for the successful work at home business. Why? Many times I start out my day and think “Wow, I don’t have much to do today” As my day goes on, my lists get longer. Managing time can be difficult with any job but for those that work from home, working time can seem shorter.

Best advice: Create lists and schedules.

Use a planner or PDA device that will help you keep on top of scheduled tasks and appointments. When I first started working from home, I did not need a planner. Now that my position is not defined as one job, I need my daily planning to keep from forgetting important events and appointments.

If you share your calendar with someone, use Google calendar. They are free to use and user friendly. If you need help with time management-check out Melissa’s book – Your Virtual Home office Can be a Reality or

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