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29 Apr

Do you have the drive to work at home?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 29.04.14

Many people tell me “I would LOVE to work from home”. In reality, do you have the tenacity to make it work?

Here is my testimonial:

In 2000 I went to medical billing school. I was going to work from home providing local doctors medical billing services. I acquired certification for a program that I attended for 18 months. At the end of my training, I started reaching out to Dr’s office within a 40 mile radius. I drafted letters-1,000+, addressed and mailed them. I made phone calls to all of the practices that were sent letters. I made in person visits with local Dr’s in my town to introduce my services.

Every day for 3 months, I made it my personal journey to become a success in medical billing. After 3 months without a bite on acquiring a medical billing contract, I contacted my medical billing school and let them know about my lack of success in acquiring work after certification. They offered me another course in the medical field. This new service is one that is used by every medical facility including hospitals.

This course for medical transcription was offered at no charge to me. I started medical transcription service school along with working my new job on the computer. Eventually the grueling training for transcription, a full time job and family took its toll and I had to choose to put transcription school on the back burner. I decided I loved the work I was doing for my current company and would like to continue on that path.

I believe that I have the drive and motivation to be a success working from home. Not everyone would have continued for 3 months with no work or a paycheck. Not everyone can go 3 months without  work or an income. I have a great family support system in place and could pursue the path needed for working from home.

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