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28 Jan

Drawing the line

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions on 28.01.14

Have you noticed that when you work from home, more people contact you for help? You receive calls that say, “I thought I would call you and see what you were doing since you are at home” or contact from the local school that says “We thought we would see if you can come in and volunteer since you are at home”, or the calls from family that might say “We called you since you are at home, we can’t call other people-they have a job”.

Where do you draw the line?

First- make everyone aware that you WORK from home. You are available as needed after business hours but as in any other job or career, please give me the same respect for my work from home job as if I went to a brick and mortar building.

Second-Set guidelines for yourself. Don’t take personal calls during working hours. Allow people to leave voicemails and check them periodically to see if a true emergency exists and then respond accordingly. Remember, you have to allow abide by these rules as well. If you set the rules and then return calls shortly after a voicemail is left -unless it is truly an emergency, people are less likely to take your work from home job seriously.

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