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11 Oct

Extra ways to make money working from home

Posted in Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 11.10.12

Working from home is quite the journey-it can be feast or famine. When work is steady, start looking for little ways to build your egg basket. We always tell people “Don’t put all your work from home eggs in one basket”.

What can you do to boost your work from home revenue?

1. Ebay-selling your gently used items can be quite a business. Pick up unique items from garage sales, thrift stores and auctions to sell online for extra income.

2. Writing/Blogging-do you have the gift of words-put it on paper and check out companies that hire writers. Blogging has become quite popular and many companies hire people to provide content.

3. Mystery Shopping-There are many companies out there that hire mystery shoppers to check out company services and the employees working for them.

As with any new opportunity, be mindful of the scam artists. Scam artists have made a career out of taking your money. If you need tips on your next venture-check out Melissa’s book-Your Virtual Home Office can be a Reality!

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