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10 Dec

Finding extra work during the holiday months

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 10.12.12

During the holiday months, work tends to get slim since many companies close down to allow their employees time off to enjoy the holidays. A work from home contractor still might need that income and often times will need to seek temporary work to fill the void.

Where can you go to pick up projects or seasonal work?

Try sites such as

They have new jobs posted on a daily basis and the forum is quite helpful to the newbie seeking work from companies that they do not know.

The key to holiday work is to plan for the holiday itself. I budget my earnings year round to prepare for down time during the holidays, leaving a stress free holiday-well almost, we still have the shopping, the kids, the family gathering and  the actual holiday planning.

If we can help with your business planning-visit our website:

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