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08 Jan

Finding fill in work

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 08.01.12

We all want the dream to work from home and earn a decent income while enjoying our flexible lifestyle but things happen and regular work tends to slow down at certain times of the year and we have to seek alternate places for extra or fill in work.

Where can you go? -pays for small tasks for $5.00 –is great for those that have an iPhone. This site allows you to do online or in your local area using a downloaded app. –errand running site –this site is just as it states-short or small tasks. It could be for anything from bookmarking a site to watching a YouTube video.

You will not get rich from any of these sites but they are good sites to seek for alternate work. Check out Melissa’s Book for ideas on how to manage your earnings year round. “Your Virtual Home Office can be a Reality”


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