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09 Feb

Finding legitimate work from home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Uncategorized, Work at home opportunities on 09.02.12

If you are in the market for a new position, new customers or a new business, you might have noticed things have changed just a bit. It seems there are more scammers out there and they are not even just companies that want to sell information via eBook for $29.95.

These are people that post jobs on Forums such as and claim to be legitimate companies seeking contractors to work. You contact these companies, go through the entire process of training, work for 20-30 hours and then discover they are scammers out to get work from you without paying.

These companies have hired more people than they cannot afford to pay and never had intentions to pay you for all the hard work completed.

How can you go about finding legitimate work?

I find that first and foremost word of mouth is great! I like simply because they are a community of people that are seeking work from home and try to help one another. If you are not familiar with a company, ask a question in the forum.  Nine times out of 10, someone in the huge community will have experience with the company and provide helpful feedback.

Finally-Always seek advice from the BBB in the city of the company in question.

If you need help locating legitimate companies-read Melissa’s Book-Your Virtual Home Office Can be a Reality!


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