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13 Mar

Google rankings and your work from home business

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 13.03.12

Do Google rankings really matter in your work from home business? I have to say yes. If you want to get noticed within your niche, take the time to place your business in the top Google rankings.

Here are some ideas on how to increase your rankings:

  1. Newsletter-create a monthly newsletter with an article or two that has the key words listed. These key words are going to be words that people are typically searching when looking for a business such as yours.
  2. Advertise-this might be free ads here and there to publicize your company name. Check out referral programs or affiliate marketing. This will provide company recognition or branding.
  3. Social Media. Are you a great writer? Provide monthly blogs or articles for your business. Facebook, Twitter and Yelp are just a few social sites to become involved with that can boost traffic to your website.


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