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08 Aug

Ho-hum home office days

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Minimizing Distractions on 08.08.11

A home office and working solo certainly provides a great deal of peace, free of typical office drama; however, that same sense of peace can also lead to a sense of monotony, repetition, and boredom.  There are days where the excitement of pursuing a new opportunity brings about the “thrill of the chase” invigoration; by more often than not, my home office operation is not full of excitement, but rather “ho-hum”.

Some days, I need a change of pace; so I seek out new tasks that will bring about a feeling of invigoration.  On those ho-hum days, I spend time looking towards the future and developing strategic plans to move towards that new goal.  That planning process allows me to get enthused, renewed, rejuvenated, and excited about the future.

Maybe you should spend some time reviewing your long range home office plans and get excited about the future!

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