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17 Jun

How do you start a work from home career?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 17.06.14

Starting a work from home career is just like any career. Starting with a dedicated plan and goals is the best way to approach a new venture.

What is the best way to get started? In the 1990’s when I started looking for a job working from home, there were not as many opportunities available as today. My city newspaper provides a weekly job section called “homework” that assists locals with opportunities on getting started in a telecommuting position. These are not always local opportunities but jobs or project work/leads that could be found on the internet.

Steps to take to start a work from home career:

  1. Forums-join forums that have a pool of other work at home (WAH) workers-they can guide you on good and bad opportunities-experience speaks loudly.
  2. Local paper- always look local since there might be companies seeking those that can come into an office setting weekly for meetings.
  3. WAHM job sites- There are tons out there. My favorite is

There are tons of opportunities out there for those that truly want to work from home. Be mindful since there are also those that earn their living by scamming. If an offer looks to good to be true-it usually is.

Let us help with your work from home journey:

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