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07 Mar

How many eggs do you need in your basket?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 07.03.13

Working from home can be feast or famine. Some times when you are working for one company, you will find that on a moments notice your workload has been reduced due to lack of work or business owners taking a vacation or sales seasons. How many eggs should you have in your virtual basket?

Every situation is different but if you are fine with an occasional slow down with work and have a secondary income such as a spouse or business that you work on in your spare time- then 2 eggs or job leads might work best for you.

I work full time for a B2B marketing company and write blogs and articles in my spare time. The work is very rewarding for me plus adds to my current income.

There are many work from home websites out there that offer ideas on how to add to your current workload. As in any business, check out the company.  Since work from home is a booming industry; everyone profits- even the scammers.

If you need help on how to verify legitimate work from home businesses –Check out Melissa’s book- Your Virtual Home Office can be a Reality?

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