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15 Nov

How many eggs do you need in your work from home basket?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 15.11.13

When working from home-you will find that work can be either feast or famine. Sometimes the work can be steady if you set yourself up with smaller incomes in a few different places. What does this mean?

If you are working as an independent contractor and the company you are working for goes on vacation, you have to find other ways to earn an income during this down time. The best scenario is that you work on other profitable projects/jobs during this time.

These projects could be other part-time gigs-maybe blog writing; editing services or some other interest that you have that is somewhat profitable. Now remember, the other projects don’t have to fully support you but can fill in when income is lacking.

The saying is always “Some income is better than no income”

Set yourself up with projects and mini jobs that provide income that grows over time.

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