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25 Jun

How to Pack a Home Office for travel

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Uncategorized on 25.06.10

Taking my work on the road meant extra preparation.   Even though I was only gone for four days, the planning began about one week in advance.    I located a large canvas cargo carrier about the size of  a standard laundry basket.  It was large enough for me to transport my entire desktop computer – including the flat screen, keyboard, and mouse.   I knew that I would be staying at the same place for all three nights, so I would only have to set up the computer one time during my trip.  Next, I packed two briefcases of necessary files and basic office supplies.

Working from the road required advance planning and additional efforts.  However, it was that extra planning and effort that allowed me to continue with my normal duties from the comfort of a hotel – rather than from the comfort of my home office.

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