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14 Jul

Living the work from home dream-What they don’t tell you- in black and white

Posted in Uncategorized on 14.07.14

It was always a dream for me to work from home. For 10 years I operated a licensed home daycare/preschool. When my children got older, I knew the next step for me was to find a work from home job working on the computer.

My first choice was to become a Medical Biller. Sounds great huh? I did my research. I found the market to have a need since many doctors were outsourcing this service so that they could reduce overhead costs and the fees associated with hiring a full time medical biller in house.

What they don’t tell you about pursuing your work from home dream:

  1. Determination. In order to succeed at anything, you have to have drive and will power to succeed. Since a work from home career is not going to come to you, you will have to beat the pavement and work really hard to get something started.
  2. Attitude from outsiders. When I first started working from home, I had so many people call me for help, chit chat or just stop by since I did not have “a real job”. People that are not involved in the work from home industry do not take the job serious. They think as long as you home doing nothing, you can socialize with them. First step-Get your family on board for the work from home thing. Second would be boundaries for your work. Set hours and rules for working from home and stick to them.
  3. Workplace daily interaction. Not everyone needs the daily drama that comes from working in a brick and mortar business but some people like the socialization part of working at a company. You won’t get to hear about Susie’s date last night or how the social turned out for the company last week. Some people need the daily face to face interaction with people to keep motivated. Working from home is very isolated and can be lonely for those seeking a work friend or buddy.

In spite of all the cons, working from home is still a huge advantage if you’re able to balance your personal and professional lives and know where to draw the line between the two.

Working from home for me has been the greatest decision I made for myself and my family. I have been able to raise my children, attend many school activities and sports functions as well as enjoying life in the second chapter of my life while contributing to the household income.

Read Melissa’s book for ideas on how to get started with your person work from home journey- Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a reality!


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