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07 Aug

Marketing your work from home business

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 07.08.13

Now that you have decided to work from your virtual home office, is it necessary to market?  Absolutely! It is probably more important to market your business since you are marketing yourself.   How can you go about marketing your work from home business?

  1. Website. First and foremost, any business should have a website.
  2. Social Media. Get involved with Facebook and Twitter, Google +-these are all inexpensive ways for business exposure.
  3. Blogs. Write a little bit about your business. Talk about your industry and experience level.
  4. Forums. Many forums offer places to talk, chat or advertise. You might not need to truly be an expert but need to be your customer’s expert.

The bottom line is always going to be to find a way to turn your passion into a profession. If you can do this, the marketing will come naturally.

If you need help with developing your work from home business, check out Melissa’s bookYour Virtual Home office Can Be a Reality!

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