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24 Sep

Misconceptions of a Work from home Career

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 24.09.13

I have been working from home for 20+ years and get these odd comments from people.

  • “It is wonderful that you work from home! Do you get to go shopping and go to lunch with your friends every day?
  • “Did you watch Oprah yesterday”
  • “Can you believe what happened on Days of our lives today?”

Working from home is just like any other job and can only be successful if taken serious and handled in a professional manner.

Here are tips to setting up a successful work from home career:

  1. Set business hours. You might think business hours are for clients/customers but business hours are also for friends and family. In order to be successful in working from home, we need to establish realistic business hours. Those could be hours the kids are in school or maybe hours that accommodate a certain market or type of business.
  2. Office Space. Find a quiet location in your home to have your office space. This space should be away from the family and allow you to shut off the rest of the house and complete work in a quiet environment.
  3. Be flexible.  The reason we choose to work from home is not only the convenience of being at home but having the flexibility to set our schedule and work around family/responsibilities.  Allow your mindset to be flexible and not fall apart if all of your work does not get done today. Know there is always tomorrow or another time to complete work tasks.

Working from home is a great career choice and can be successful with careful planning, realistic boundaries and support of friends and family. If you need help starting your work from home career-check out Melissa’s book- Your Virtual Home Office can be a Reality!

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