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15 Apr

Necessary tools for working from your virtual home office

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 15.04.14

Working from home has its pluses and minus. The big plus is going to be flexibility of hours. The big minus is going to be home office equipment. You are responsible for providing and maintaining all of your equipment. No more calling the IT department when something goes down or is not working correctly. Working from home gives you the title of CEO (chief everything officer).

What tools are necessary for working from home?

  1. Reliable computer. This computer should be updated with the latest software programs needed to be successful with your work from home career.
  2. Telephone. The business phone might be a land line and might be a virtual VOIP connected through your computer. Many people are using a cell phone exclusively for work.
  3. Office equipment. Comfy office equipment is essential to working long term in an office. Make sure your equipment is ergonomically correct for correct posture and positioning of the wrists on a keyboard. It is easy to acquire an injury working with equipment not made for long term use.
  4. Business Cards. No matter what type of business you are in, you will need some type of business card to provide to prospects for networking. Business cards are good for personal contacts as well.

Working from home is the greatest choice I could have made for myself. Set yourself up for success by planning all steps for a successful working situation. If you need help setting up your home office-check out Melissa’s book-Chapter 10-Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!

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