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10 Oct

Remote Computer Access

Posted in Uncategorized on 10.10.17

Some telecommuters that work from a virtual home office are able to gain access to the main computer at the office with a virtual log in and secure server. For larger companies, remote access is a plus since they can see what the employee is doing on a regular basis.

Companies can monitor log-ins and actual work completed during the day. Working virtually with remote access still requires the home worker to have virus protection and all of the other safe working components. When choosing to work remote or with remote access, weigh all the options available with your employer.

Remember when working from home, you are solely responsible for computer upkeep and updates.

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19 Sep

Thankful for my home office and home based business

Posted in Uncategorized on 19.09.17

It seems that business is really heating up and I am keeping plenty busy to meet the demands and needs of my growing business.    I have been working 50-60 hours each week lately.   While that can be overwhelming at times, the convenience of my home office makes the long hours more comfortable and less stressful.   

I am thankful for each and every day from my home office!  Hopefully, you are achieving that same level of satisfaction in your career.

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06 Sep

Marketing your work from home business

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 06.09.17

Working from your virtual home office is essentially your business and you should market your business similar to that of a traditional store front. First, get business cards with a catchy slogan. Put your business cards in local businesses for optimum exposure.

Next-Join your local chamber of commerce and become an active member of your community. Whatever your business or industry is, let community organizations know. Many people choose to work with local companies and contractors that they can meet in person.

Do you need help marketing your business?

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25 Aug

Resume for Working from Home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 25.08.17

Building your work from home resume is a little different than the traditional resume. Working from your virtual home office allows you to add more education and training to your resume.

For example if you become certified in web design or database development, list this on your resume. Work from home is not only a job but your core business. Listing your education and certifications can help land an account or position that normally would not be a consideration for those without the traditional corporate ladder experience.

Check out Melissas Book-Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!-Chapter 17-Sales and Marketing

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10 Aug

The Balancing Act

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 10.08.17

When I am working at home in my virtual office, I often struggle with managing my time. It is not always the family or work that causes issues. It can also be the weather, society or general everyday distractions that keep me from performing my best.

Every morning before I start my work day, I sit down and plan my day by priorities. I use a day planner and task journal to keep a visual account of what my goal is for the day.  This allows me to know what has to be done for the day and what could be put off to a later day or evening time when the family is in bed or occupied.

How well do you manage your time?

Check out Melissa’s book-Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! for time management and organization ideas.

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