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26 Feb

Save money working from home!

Posted in Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 26.02.14

There are many reasons to choose to work from home. One of the big reasons is the lack of commute time and the money saved working from home.  While working in a brick and  mortar business, we do not realize how much money it costs to commute to a daily job.

Here are ways we save money working from home:

  1. Car costs-daily fuel, wear and tear on the vehicle
  2. Lunches-working from home provides you access to your home kitchen and healthier meals
  3. Clothing– When working from your home office, no need for dress pants and pantyhose. My daily wardrobe might contain pajama pants and slippers-depending on the day.
  4. Daycare– Setting a flexible schedule will allow you to reduce daycare expenses or cut out completely.

The biggest perk to working from home is happiness. When my son was born in 1990, I decided I would not send him to daycare. I would do whatever was necessary so that I would be the one raising my children. My daughter was already exposed to multiple daycare providers and illness which limited my outside job. I started working from home in 1992 and cannot imagine life any other way.

Melissa Rich/ Landis has written a terrific book on how to get started with your work from home journey: Your Virtual Home Office Can be a Reality!

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