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29 Jan

Security and Working from home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 29.01.15

Unfortunately, this day and time we have to always be on alert for scammers and have to guard our personal information. When you work online from home, there’s a lot more at risk than just a Facebook hacker sending all your friends junk mail. Your reputation and livelihood is at stake.

Here are security tips for working from home:

  1. Internet security program. Acquire a program for your computer that safeguards your information. There are many paid and free internet security programs available such as Norton, McAfee and Avast.
  2. Passwords. Change your passwords often. Never use the same password for all log ins. Keep a book that has all passwords in them.
  3. Bank accounts. Never, ever give out your banking information to websites. Use credit cards for purchases since most credit cards offer 0 liability fraud protection.
  4. Social Security number. Many companies request your social security number but most companies do not need your social security number. They can give you an alternate customer number and you can use your social security number for only those few that truly need the information.
  5. Safe sites. Most websites have an icon of a locked symbol that shows the site is secure. Make sure you are only putting your data into secure sites.

With your working reputation and financial data on the internet, it’s essential for telecommuters to take extra steps to stay safe online. Keep your sensitive information offline, use secure passwords, change passwords often, and get paid with secure options.

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