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26 Apr

Spring is here!!!

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 26.04.12

When the weather starts to get warm and the trees start budding/flowers are blooming-spring is officially here! I love this time of year since it gets people outside instead of inside sitting at a desk. What can you do to be productive during this time of year?


  • Goals-Start every morning with a set of goals. Use a day planner or some sort of guideline that allows you to check off accomplishments and move those that you quite did not get done to another day.
  • Hours/Days-Change your working hours. If you typically work afternoons and that is when you want to get outside-move all working hours to before noon. Work Monday- Thursday giving you a 3-day weekend every week.
  • Mobile. With so many mobile devices available-working mobile is a great option for many businesses. You can take your laptop or have access to email and other computer functions on your mobile device.

The reason we work from home is so that we can earn a living while enjoying life. Take advantage of the great weather while still performing business as usual. If you need help with time management-check out our website:

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