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21 Mar

Staying Motivated Working from Home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 21.03.17

I find this topic amusing. You hear about people that work from home in their pajamas and house shoes with the sleepys still in their eyes. For me, motivation is easy. I get up every morning and get ready for work as you would in any brick and mortar job. I cannot see myself being quite as motivated to work if I crawl out of bed in the morning and start working. My day starts as any job would.  I get up at a set time, take a shower and get dressed in appropriate clothing for working from home and start my work day.

Motivation is different for everyone. My motivation is treating my work from home position just like a job that I would leave my home to go to the office.  The only difference is my commute time. The only traffic jam I encounter is the dog lying across the hallway to my virtual office.

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