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24 Nov

Social Media and Working from your Virtual Home Office

Posted in Uncategorized on 24.11.17

It seems like everyone is on the social media sites. You have Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email and the list goes on and on. It can really be hard to focus on your work once you have these sites open. Sometimes because we work from home, we have a tendency to think it is not as important to keep your focus on work and turn off the distractions.

I make a point to check the sites that are important to me before starting work for the day. I am easily distracted and don’t need to hear about drama while I am working. When working from your virtual home office, you have to pick and choose when it is appropriate to take a phone call or check your social sites. Focus takes work and dedication. If you need help with distractions-check out Melissa’s book- Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!

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10 Aug

The Balancing Act

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 10.08.17

When I am working at home in my virtual office, I often struggle with managing my time. It is not always the family or work that causes issues. It can also be the weather, society or general everyday distractions that keep me from performing my best.

Every morning before I start my work day, I sit down and plan my day by priorities. I use a day planner and task journal to keep a visual account of what my goal is for the day.  This allows me to know what has to be done for the day and what could be put off to a later day or evening time when the family is in bed or occupied.

How well do you manage your time?

Check out Melissa’s book-Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! for time management and organization ideas.

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27 Jul

Work at home is not only for Moms

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 27.07.17

In the beginning, work from home was mostly for Moms seeking to contribute a small income to the household. Now there are more and more people- moms, dads and even grandparents that are raising children who are choosing to work from a virtual home office.

Many workers both male and female are choosing their career based on telecommuting opportunities. With the virtual home office becoming more of an option for modern day workers, more and more families can support their household while raising their families.

Do you need ideas on how to establish your virtual home office? Check out Melissa’s book-Your Virtual Home Office can be a Reality!

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21 Mar

Staying Motivated Working from Home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 21.03.17

I find this topic amusing. You hear about people that work from home in their pajamas and house shoes with the sleepys still in their eyes. For me, motivation is easy. I get up every morning and get ready for work as you would in any brick and mortar job. I cannot see myself being quite as motivated to work if I crawl out of bed in the morning and start working. My day starts as any job would.  I get up at a set time, take a shower and get dressed in appropriate clothing for working from home and start my work day.

Motivation is different for everyone. My motivation is treating my work from home position just like a job that I would leave my home to go to the office.  The only difference is my commute time. The only traffic jam I encounter is the dog lying across the hallway to my virtual office.

Do you need help with motivation? Check out our site:

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10 Aug

Loving my Virtual Home office

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 10.08.16

When we talk about loving what you do, it does not mean loving every second of working from your home office or that that you love every aspect of what you do.  Rather, it means having the ability to enjoy the journey and keeping motivated to keep moving forward.

For me, it means that I enjoy about 75% of my tasks.  It is believing in my core mission of helping others succeed from their home office.  It also means being excited about accomplishing my goals and being excited about the slow (but steady) progress towards meeting those goals.

Working from home is a not a “get rich quick” but rather a slower paced journey that gives people the opportunity to contribute to their household while working from the comfort of their home office.

Check out Melissa Book to start your journey-Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!


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