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21 Dec

Seasonal Work for the Holidays

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Work at home opportunities on 21.12.17

Holidays are a great time to pick up extra hours doing customer service type jobs while working from your virtual home office. Companies such as 1-800 Flowers, Amazon and other customer service type companies put on extra workers to help with the call volume during this time of year. If you have the time available and could use extra money, check out the virtual call centers for extra income during the holiday season.

We want to wish you a happy holiday season!

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09 Dec

Work From Home Training Programs

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 09.12.17

Virtual employees or contractors can save companies money in terms of reduced overhead expenses in comparison to onsite employees.   However, managing virtual employees also offers a unique set of challenges.  Managers often find that their employees or contractors are not fully realizing their potential from the home office and can lose their focus; therefore, many of these same companies are contacting us for help and training in the home office aspects.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at any time if we can help your team fully embrace the home office environment through our training programs.

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06 Nov

Smart Supply Shopping for your Virtual Home Office

Posted in Establish your virtual home office on 06.11.17

Many office supply retailers offer special discounts to loyal shoppers.     My local office supply store is  part of national chain, but the store personnel greet me by name.   I have been quite impressed with the rebates, discounts, and rewards programs offered to me in exchange for my loyalty.   In fact, last week my purchase equaled $90 in value (non-sale price), but I only paid $15 due to taking advantages of specials for repeat customers.

You may wish to check with your office supply vendors to determine what types of programs and discounts they offer to repeat customers.

Do you need ideas on how to start your work from home journey?

Check out Melissa’s Book-Your Virtual Home Can Become a Reality!

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19 Sep

Thankful for my home office and home based business

Posted in Uncategorized on 19.09.17

It seems that business is really heating up and I am keeping plenty busy to meet the demands and needs of my growing business.    I have been working 50-60 hours each week lately.   While that can be overwhelming at times, the convenience of my home office makes the long hours more comfortable and less stressful.   

I am thankful for each and every day from my home office!  Hopefully, you are achieving that same level of satisfaction in your career.

If you need ideas on how to manage your time to get maximum achievement of your working hours-Check out Melissa’s book Chapter 14 with Your Virtual Home Office Can be a Reality!

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06 Sep

Marketing your work from home business

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 06.09.17

Working from your virtual home office is essentially your business and you should market your business similar to that of a traditional store front. First, get business cards with a catchy slogan. Put your business cards in local businesses for optimum exposure.

Next-Join your local chamber of commerce and become an active member of your community. Whatever your business or industry is, let community organizations know. Many people choose to work with local companies and contractors that they can meet in person.

Do you need help marketing your business?

Check out Chapter 17-Sales and Marketing in Melissa’s Book-Your Virtual Home office Can be a Reality!


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