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26 Jul

Technology challenges

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Work at home opportunities on 26.07.10

We have so many options available for telephone service while working from home. You have your traditional land line, VOIP and cell service. What works best in the work from home setting? When I first started working from home, I used a traditional land line but due to living in a rural area, they provider did not offer voicemail or other services that were available with VOIP or voice over Internet. Back-up plan would involve my cell phone and would allow me forward my calls to it during working hours. Today there are many different types of phone service options.  Deciding what works for you really would depend on the type of calls that you make on a daily basis. In the beginning, I was making 200-250 calls per day and needed the traditional land line with headset. Today, my cell phone and blue tooth works wonders for work on the go. On the go for me can mean all over the house, in the backyard or actually going somewhere. The greatest feature of a cell phone would be the fact that they come with all the bells and whistles. Once you determine your work at home career, you will decide what technology works best for you.


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