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18 Nov

Virus Protection

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Uncategorized on 18.11.10

Working from home requires more virus protection since working from home in your virtual office is your livelihood. You are the sole provider of your empire including all necessities such as virus protection and need to make sure you are fully covered. There are many kinds of protection out there. I personally use Avast. Avast is free to the home user and offers all of the same bells as whistles as McAfee and Norton.

Virus protection is very important to have working and up to date while working from a virtual environment since it is not only your work but keeps the your working information secure. If you lose your computer due to a virus or leak of information by an unauthorized outside source, you could be without your working tools for days or weeks. Prepare for the unknown. Murphy’s law states” Anything can go wrong, will go wrong”. Take time to be prepared and protect your family and virtual home office position.

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