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25 Sep

What can you do working from home?

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 25.09.14

There are many opportunities out there to work from your home office. What is right for you?

You should always look for opportunities that are within your current skill set or something your truly enjoy doing.

Here are ideas on popular work from home jobs:

  1. Customer service- take orders, perform all types of customer service type tasks
  2. Telemarketing- contacting consumers or businesses to sell products or services.
  3. Transcription work-medical or legal.
  4. Writers-article writing or blogging is a great way to stay afloat working from home.
  5. Media researcher- contact media outlets and gain information about their holiday editorial focus.
  6. Insurance loss controllers – evaluating operational and safety practices of commercial/residential properties
  7. Web designers- many web companies are remote since they work all hours and can work from anywhere.

Whether you are looking to add to what you are currently doing or want a complete career change, there are many opportunities out there working from your home office.

Check out Melissa’s book for ideas-Your Virtual Home office Can be a Reality!


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