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04 Dec

Winter months and scheduling

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions on 04.12.14

The winter months are here!! Yeah! It is great, the temperatures are cooler, the snow is coming and holidays are just around the corner!

Oh wait…the kids are out of school due to bad weather. Oh no! What can I do to accommodate working hours? I still have work to do.

Here are tips:

  1. Reschedule what you can. We work from home for a reason. Flexibility is the greater perk for working from your virtual home office.
  2. Work in smaller time increments. If you normally work a 8-12 schedule, try working a 8-10 schedule. Set up a special movie and snack for older kids.
  3. Playdates. Contact other stay at home Moms or relatives and offer to host kid parties during the winter months with help while you are working a reduced schedule.

Working from home is such a blessing and a great way to contribute to the household and raise your family. If you need help with time management, check out Melissa’s book- Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! Page 65.

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