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18 Mar

Work at home website gets a complete update!

Posted in Everything Else on 18.03.10

New Web Site Resource for Job Seekers

 If today’s tough economy has you disillusioned and disappointed with your search for a different, or additional job, work-at-home opportunities may help bridge the gap between jobs. Now, job seekers considering work-at-home opportunities have a new resource available to help them.

 An updated Web site,, from author and entrepreneur Melissa Rich, offers inspiration and guidance about evaluating work-at-home opportunities to make sure they are legitimate. This Web site also offers a glimpse into Rich’s new book, Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! The membership portion of http://yourvirtualhomeoffice.comalso offers exclusive articles, internet resources, resume and cover letter help and a question/answer forum to assist with your job search.

The work-at-home industry is exploding and forever changing business, especially as more employees find themselves laid off, downsized and searching for work. Working from home may be a viable option to help supplement reduced income, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

Through her Web site,, and her book, Rich draws on years of business and work-at-home experience to offer hope and guidance to anyone considering working from a virtual home office. Rich shares knowledge and valuable insight to help readers decide if working from home is really for them, how to get started and how to evaluate opportunities.

Rich provides a realistic vision and concise, practical information about the work-at-home industry and factors necessary for success. It covers a wide range of topics including required personality traits, evaluating opportunities, setting up your virtual home office and inspirational success stories.

Look for Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! at local bookstores or available from For order inquiries or wholesale pricing, call 888-443-5247. books are distinguished by revolutionary reading materials designed to educate, motivate and inspire our readers!

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