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27 Nov

Work during the holiday months

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else, Uncategorized on 27.11.14

I love my job working from home office during the holidays but I still need to work year-round! A lot of companies slow down with available projects during the holiday months. September and October are a great time to start reviewing sites that offer seasonal work during the holiday to fill the void during slow work months.

Many retail outlets offer extra work from home positions for order taking, shipping and financial sites for credit card help since they receive extra traffic during the holiday months.

Find a site that you trust for inside work from home information.

One of my favorite sites for jobs is . This site provides tips from other work at home people that are out in the work force and have experience with many of the companies you are reviewing.

Careful planning is the best way to go for working from home. Plan your finances for the holiday slow down starting in January. This gives you wiggle room to enjoy the time off without a financial strain during a stressful season.

Check out Melissa’s books for tips on job resources: Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!


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