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14 Jan

Work from home challenges

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions, Work at home opportunities on 14.01.15

I have worked from home for over 20 years. Currently I am a program manager for a marketing firm. I have a dream job. I love my job, I love my boss and I love coming to work (most days).

That being said, I still encounter challenges working from my home office.

  1. Deadlines. With any type of work, we all have project deadlines and need to stay focused in order to complete scheduled projects.
  2. Family commitments. Since you are working from your home office, you have the flexibility to help with day to day family responsibilities. You might have to alter work hours to accommodate dance class, soccer practice or maybe a doctor’s appointment.
  3. Volunteer jobs. Since you are working from home, you might agree to take on more volunteer work since you are flexible with your time.

How can you handle stress from work from home challenges?

  1. Schedule lunch breaks. I always take a lunch break even though I can easily grab something to eat and go back to my desk. Taking a break during this time allows for rest time and keeps you fresh.
  2. Work out. When you are done working for the day, go for a walk. Play catch with the dog in the back yard or go work out. Exercise releases stress and makes your body feel good.
  3. Me Time. Take a few minutes to do something you enjoy. That might be 15 minutes of downtime before picking up the kids from school or a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Take time for yourself since you are the CEO (Chief everything office) of this operation.

Working from home is truly a blessing for some but not for everyone. If you find that you are not cut out for the secluded life of a work from home person, you might be better suited in a brick and mortar job.

Melissa has a great personality profile worksheet in her book that can help you decide if you are cut out to work from home– Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality!-Chapter 2, page 10.


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