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12 Feb

Work from home motivation

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Minimizing Distractions on 12.02.14

It is tough to stay motivated when there are so many distractions working from home.

You have the neighbor that comes by to see if you have time for a quick walk or a cup of coffee. You have the bright sun shining in your window and enticing you to go play rather than work. I love working from home but we all have those days/weeks when you realize “Hey, I have not left the house in x days and it seems like the walls are closing in”.

My best advice is to treat your work from home career like a brick and mortar job.

Here are tips to help with motivation:

  1. Set business hours – Setting reasonable business hours is a great way to stay focused on work. Set reasonable hours. For example: if you have children in school and only plan to work during school hours, make that your focused work time.
  2. Turn off distractions – when I am trying to stay on top of my scheduled tasks, I will turn off my email. This helps reduce the minute by minute distractions.
  3. Schedule “me” time – We all need time set aside for a personal recharge. Scheduling this time will ensure that you take time for you.  “Me time” might be reading, it might be a workout session or maybe lunch and shopping with a friend. Take care of you so that you can continue to enjoy life.
  4. Be Flexible – One of the big reasons to work from home is for the flexibility. Things will come up during your working hours and we have to be flexible in regards to rescheduling work time.

Motivation can be tough with any job but we have to remember why we chose to work from home. If you continue to have issues with motivation working from home, you might be one of the people that need to work in a brick and mortar business. Not everyone is suiting for working from a home office.

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