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30 Nov

Working with Family at home

Posted in Establish your virtual home office, Everything Else on 30.11.16

Working from home is wonderful! I cannot say enough about much I have enjoyed my 20 year career of working from home. I do have to say at times it has really been a challenge with those that are closest to me – my family. Children and husbands have a tendency to interrupt during working hours. I have found it best to set up two offices in my home. One is in the mainstream area of the house and the other has a private location for times that I need complete privacy.

I work during the day in the main area for times that don’t need complete quiet this allows me to tend to my two-year-old as she needs. My working rules are when I am in my private office; I am not to be bothered. I make arrangements with other family members to handle the small dramas that come about during that time.

Do you need help establishing guidelines with family?

Check out Melissa books- Your Virtual Home Office Can Be a Reality! Chapter 14-Children and Family Adjustments

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